Being Who You Are Requires No Effort

When I work with people to help them change Identities, Beliefs and Habits which do not benefit them, we first discover who they identify themselves to be. They are always either a man or a woman, but from that point, their own self-identity comes into play. Many identify themselves as a smoker vs. non-smoker, an overweight unattractive person vs. a slender attractive person, a husband/wife/un-married person, father or mother. I even show them an Identity they don’t know they have, which is determined whether a person puts their left or right thumb over the other when their hands are clasped together. Try it on yourself and your friends.

We are born with some of these identities, and some come as the result of choices we make. The identities we are born with require no effort, and those we choose require great effort in order to maintain.

How Hypnotists View Identities

In order to help someone become who they want to be, what I initially want to determine is whether the change desired is related to an identity the individual was born with. Example: if a man came to me and wanted to become a man, I would simply remind them they are a man, that is how they were born. (for clarity, let’s agree to not split hairs on this matter).

The subconscious mind, which holds our identities, would have to expend no energy in the maintenance of this persona unless it had been interfered with in some way which would then require great energy.

Other identities which require no effort to maintain are an ability to eat using signals from a perfect appetite we all possess at birth. With few exceptions, generally every baby is born with a perfect knowledge of how to eat. This goes along with a perfect ability to sleep as well.

Defects in the area of sleeping and eating come later as we are influenced by external sources and circumstances to ignore the signals which would normally indicate when to eat or stop eating, and sleep or stop sleeping. The purposeful ignoring of these signals eventually leads to erroneous behaviors and habits affecting our eating and sleeping which then have no regulation. We are in charted waters as far as the body and the mind are concerned.

As this point, drugs to help people sleep and diets to attempt to regulate and maintain weight come into play. To be under external control means failure for many people. There is resistance of the body and the mind and results are often temporary, with side-effects common.

At Hypnosis Group of Houston and our other location, Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands, we help people simply return to the internal guidance we are all born with in these areas.

What about the “Smoker” Identity?

Well the simple the truth is we are all born “Non-Smokers”. In my previous life as a Medical Helicopter Pilot, I had the opportunity to visit many hospitals, some of which played the “Lullaby Song” when babies were born. Never was there an announcement that a 7 lb. baby “Smoker” had been born. Parents never look at their child and think to themselves, “I think he/she was born to be a “Smoker”, because the opposite is obvious. It is only later, after tremendous effort does one become and maintain status as a smoker.

Think About It

If you were being poisoned, do you think your body would have to expend great energy and effort to keep you healthy and alive? When a person smokes cigarettes, uses smokeless tobacco, inhales e-cigarettes, drinks alcohol or uses a drug that is exactly what is happening. It surprises me how many people are unaware that nicotine in all forms is one of the most potent poisons on earth. Check out this post in Wikipedia about Nicotine Poisoning

Nicotine is Dangerous in Any Form

The Effects of Nicotine on the Body

Did you know that Nicotine is the basis for many garden pesticides and even the insecticide many of us put on our dogs every month to rid them fleas. These insecticide poisons always have cautions about not getting them on your skin etc., but these same hazards are ignored when it comes to forms of nicotine delivery systems.

It doesn’t take much to imagine the energy the body of a person, who regularly ingests poisonous substances, must be expending to maintain stability. The mind is always trying to move us to a state which is most stable and requires the least effort to maintain, and the behavior of using poisonous substances creates an alarm state in the body and mind during which it can never rest.

My article primarily deals with the poisonous effects of Nicotine on the body, but I would be remiss to not mention the effects of inhaled carbon monoxide from cigarettes, which is an insidious poison of the blood when exposed to even small quantities. Exposure can produce effects which are interpreted as a feeling of ‘not being well’, which is often the drive behind the smoking to begin with. For more info about the hazards of regular inhalation of carbon monoxide go here

Hypnosis Helps You Return to Who You Were Born To Be As a Non-Smoker

It is easy for the mind and body to give up the voluntary use of any poisonous substance because the resulting state of mind/body requires less energy to keep the person healthy and comfortable.

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