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Hypnosis is a state of being, characterized by physical relaxation and mental focus; used between a Hypnotist and another person to bring about desired beneficial change. At The Hypnosis Group, we work to help everyday people like you take control of their lives and regain the freedom that they lost due to bad habits.

Hypnosis is a pleasant state of relaxed mental focus which could be compared to a pleasant day-dream. Most would be surprised to know it does not require having the eyes closed or even remaining quiet and still. Sometimes a hypnotic technique is used where the person actually speaks to the hypnotist or the person is asked to open their eyes to deepen the level of hypnosis.

Overcoming Life’s Issues the Safe and Natural Way

Hypnosis Group Hypnotists can help you regulate your behavior, remove negative thoughts, and use your mind to regain control of your body in a beneficial way. Does hypnosis work for weight loss or can you stop smoking by hypnosis? The answer is yes! Hypnosis is a powerful tool which can help you with a number of life’s challenges.

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is not sleep nor unconsciousness. It is, instead, a state where the Judgmental “I can’t” mind is temporarily set aside. With that part of the mind bypassed, the hypnotist will make purposeful suggestions created by you, that can be easily incorporated into your actions. This is why smokers can successfully return to being a non-smoker in the first hypnosis session. Hypnosis can be used by anyone for almost any desired lifestyle change.

The Hypnotists

Led by D. Mitchell Lovette, our renowned hypnotists at Hypnosis Group aim to help you take control of your life and regain your freedom with world-class hypnosis sessions.

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As Hypnotists at Hypnosis Group, we work with people on everyday issues related to their identities, beliefs and habits. Our trained hypnotists are here to work for you.

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Using hypnosis to help you do things such as stop smoking, sleep better, overcome fear, and alleviate pain may be new to you. Learn how to use these secrets in your life today

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We have two locations to serve our clients — The Woodlands and the Houston Galleria. In fact, many of our clients are less than 30 minutes away from one of our two locations.

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