By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH,CI

What is Hypnosis?change-road-sign

Hypnosis is the intentional setting aside of the protective part of the mind (called the “Critical Factor”), to create a state of being characterized by focused attention and heightened suggestibility.  Do we find ourselves in this state without sitting in a Hypnotist office?   The answer is yes, in fact, your eyes don’t even have to be closed.  Anytime you find yourself focused on a speaker or message which captures your attention in a way that allows the changing of ideas, beliefs or habits you are experiencing some level of hypnosis as we use it in a Hypnotist practice.  The main idea is that you are allowing these changes because you believe them to beneficial, or at least don’t think of them as harmful.

What About Meditation or Highway Hypnosis?

These are not a states of hypnosis, but instead, various states of focused attention; the difference from hypnosis being that there is no intent to change, set aside the Critical Factor nor are suggestions intended to be delivered or received during this state.  The idea to be learned here is that hypnosis is intentional in purpose between the Hypnotist (Operator) and someone else (Co-operator).

Without the intention and expectation of creating change between the two parties, the permission to set aside the protective part of the mind by the co-operator, and an agreed upon set of changes, true hypnosis cannot take place.  In this way you (the co-operator), controls the agenda of change that you desire at all times, even while in a deep state of hypnosis.

What Would You Like To Change About Yourself?

I became a Hypnotist after a long career as a professional pilot because I have always liked helping people, and I was exposed to demonstrations (stage hypnosis), where people were able to undergo incredible change in just a few moments.  14 years ago I attended a school to study hypnosis and 2 1/2 years ago I founded Hypnosis Group of Houston and Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands.

Since then our group has helped many people make the changes they desire in a confidential, professional setting.  Most of the people we work with are just like you, educated professionals who simply wish to give up old habits, hurts and hang-ups that are keeping from moving ahead to a life of freedom and joy.

What does life look like ahead for you?  Is the road you are on taking you to the place you want to be, 2 months, 6 months or a year down the road?  Is there some behavior which is keeping you from presenting yourself to the world in the way you feel would benefit you the most?  Would you benefit from better sleep?  Did something happen to you in the past you want to let go of?

If any of the answers to these questions is not satisfactory to you.  Please call us so we can discuss your situation and schedule a session to help you.  You never have to reveal details you wish to keep private and your information is always handled confidentially.

Best wishes!

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