weight loss hypnosisMost of us have encountered weight gain issues at one point or another in our lives. You try putting on your favorite pair of jeans and they fit a little tighter than you remember them fitting in the past.  The media programs us to view processed foods as a quick and easy solution to feeding ourselves.  Maybe you’ve tried dieting before, unsuccessfully. You aren’t alone; millions of Americans face weight gain issues every day.

You can lose weight, hypnosis can help


After working with thousands of clients and helping them to reach their weight loss goals we have come to understand that most of you have become a walking weight loss encyclopedia. The fact is, you probably know the conventional methods to lose weight. The problem is you have been approaching your weight loss issues the wrong way. Unless your weight gain is caused by an existing medical condition like a hormonal imbalance or a side effect of a new medicine you recently introduced to your body, hypnosis can help. Hypnosis in a relaxed setting has been proven to produce lasting weight loss results. With our proven method the food you like, when you are hungry: no dieting is allowed, and although exercise speeds results, it is not required.


hypnosis helps you lose weight

The scale will be your best friend with hypnosis

The principle issue with the methods you have used in the past to address your weight gain issues, is that they focused primarily on denial and you agreeing to external control placed on you.  The problem is that nobody likes being told what to do.  You weren’t told how to eat when you were born.  As a newborn baby, you simply knew how to eat and nobody had to teach you.  We never put you on a diet.  Instead, we reconnect you the signals you were  born with in regard to regulating your food intake balanced against your need for food energy.  

With Hypnosis we help the “the real you”,  to see the benefits of a slimmer, trimmer more youthful body, and drop habits of over-eating related to distracting from uncomfortable feelings with food.  

Lets face it, we can’t control that we are getting older but it is true that you can control how you look.  Think about it, the aging celebrities we remain interested in most are ones which maintain a slim figure.  Give us a call and let’s work together to use power of your mind, to make the positive choices leading to your “perfect weight”.