You Were Born a Non-Smoker

When considering giving up the smoking habit, most people think it is about stopping the behavior.   While this may work in the short-term,  a more valuable long-term goal is to create conditions where a person no longer values “re-starting” smoking.  

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times”.

Mark Twain

Almost all the people I have worked with to end any habit, have stopped it in the past, sometimes for long periods.  Many of them return to the habit eventually and end up bewildered and frustrated.   The fact is simply that the underlying drive to the “re-starting” of the habit was not adequately dealt with.

Alcoholics who have been through treatment know that the key to true recovery is to stop the “re-starting” of the use of beverage alcohol.  The person who is most successful in this, is one who truly understands the value of a sober lifestyle.   Attention is placed on addressing the causes and conditions which lead up to the need to re-start the behavior.  Without the aid of hypnosis, this process takes time because our mind is designed to protect identities, beliefs and habits, once formed.  Because of this powerful  characteristic, our mind often protects habits that don’t even seem to benefit us.

We work together to get you your Benefits

As we work together to end your smoking habit, all of our efforts will be in helping you find ways in which you benefit as a non-smoker.  Your identity and life as a “non-smoker” simply becomes more beneficial than that of a person who continues making the “mistake” of smoking.

A “mistake” you say?  Yes, from my experience helping smokers become non-smokers, I am convinced that no one would smoke that first cigarette if they had all the information about how smoking would harm them in the future.  The fact is, many people begin smoking in their teens, some even before the age of 10.

We use your wisdom as an Adult

Making this decision at such an early age puts one at the disadvantage of not having all the pertinent information and judgment of an adult, to make an informed decision.

Nicotine is a potent poison and the base for many insecticides in use today.  Wikipedia statesIn smaller doses (an average cigarette yields about 1 mg of absorbed nicotine), the substance acts as a stimulant in mammals, while high amounts (30–60 mg) can be fatal”  

I ask every smoker I work with if they would offer a cigarette to a teen or child, the same age as when they begin smoking.  The adult or “wise part” of them rejects such a suggestion.  It is this “wise part” of the mind that we use to help educate the ‘mistake making part”.  If this person were you,  your “mistake making part”, would then be able to easily give up the incorrect ideas which have driven your smoking “habit” in the past.

It is from this place of strength that you will begin to make better judgments about putting nicotine and smoke in your body.  You simply begin a new life where the “wise part of your mind” takes over helping you live a life which is “smoke free”.  With your powerful mind making better, smoke-free choices, you re-assume your original identity of a non-smoker and begin to receive benefits in all future life experiences.  These benefits might include; better health reports from your  Doctor, better personal and professional relationships, a more positive self-image, positive expectation about life in the future.  You may see benefits in other areas of your life as well.  Will you take this opportunity to do something positive for yourself today?


Be “smoke-free”, once and for all

More importantly, as a Non-smoker, you reclaim the original identity you were born with, At Hypnosis Group we always work to help you return to the perfect person you were “created” to be. No identity as a “Smoker” has ever been  placed on a birth certificate, only male or female.  It’s hard to imagine the children at left to have a life-script at birth, which includes inhaling burning smoke, filled with noxious chemicals and poison.

Have you been wishing these benefits for yourself?  Not know how to get started?  How could your life change for the better as a Non-smoker?   Would you value a chance to reverse the decisions you mistakenly made as a young person, about your use of tobacco products?   If you don’t stop the use of tobacco products using the relaxing method of hypnosis, what will you do instead?   Who will you trust to help you be free of this habit?

We understand how to help you

At Hypnosis Group, we work to understand you as a person.  Our plan is designed to give you freedom from the habit of smoking and support you in the process.  We don’t just “take your cigarettes away” and leave you to deal with the “feelings” that keep reminding you to smoke again.  Our program allows you time to end the factors that have caused you to re-start the smoking habit in the past, and then be successful as a non-smoker for life.

 It is possible to become a non-smoker in as few as one session.   

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