Think back to when you started to smoke tobacco

Did you see ads like this when you were a kid?

Did you see ads like this when you were a kid?

Maybe you did so out of a desire to feel more mature. Maybe you responded to advertisements that persuaded you that smoking made you look cool. Along the way you probably told yourself that it helped you to relax. You’ve probably come to look at it is a perfect way to finish a nice meal or as a perfect accompaniment to your coffee. You have told yourself that there were many benefits to smoking cigarettes. You have conditioned your mind to think you need tobacco in your life to function.

You can quit smoking through hypnosis

Now it’s time to recondition your mind to look at cigarettes more realistically. Our subconscious mind forms habits to help us get through our day more efficiently. At Hypnosis Group of Houston, we understand you, and use techniques which have helped thousands of people to become non-smokers in an easy and relaxing process.  The hypnotic state is a natural state that the mind enters into easily when relaxed. Hypnotist use guided relaxation techniques to induce a focused state of concentration sometimes called a “trance”. In this relaxed and natural state, your mind is receptive to making positive changes.

i-have-stopped-smoking-cessation467It’s all in your mind

Maybe you’ve tried to quit smoking cigarettes before through patches, gum or even electronic cigarettes. Most smokers have tried it all. Why have these methods failed for most smokers? Smoking cessation devices like e-cigarettes fail primarily because they only aim to address the physical cravings for nicotine or the hand to mouth fixation.  Hypnosis is effective where these methods fail because the truth is; your smoking addiction is rooted in your mind.

The time to quit smoking cigarettes is now.  Hypnosis has been proven as a method for overcoming smoking addiction.  Are you looking to quit smoking in the Houston area? Give us a call today and quit smoking through hypnosis.