Get where you want to go, using Hypnosis

Have you ever tried to drive to work a way you don’t usually go, and then found you ended up using the same route as always? That is an example of how our mind holds onto Identities, Beliefs, and Habits we teach ourselves are a benefit, but then, it resists making changes to them as we gain new information.

Is this my mind working against me? No, our minds form habits to help us, by eliminating the need to re-think every day, about how to do everyday tasks, like in this example, drive to work. If that previously learned route no longer benefits us, let’s say due to construction, it will take some serious effort (and maybe, frustration) at first to change it.

Hypnosis can help make learning “pain free”

Unfortunately learning can often involve “pain”. If a person keeps doing something long enough that has a negative benefit (pain), in theory they will eventually stop. That is not always true, but it is the “theory” about learning.

I was taught as a US Army Instructor Pilot that learning is defined as “a change in behavior resulting from experience”. I learned that at the tender age of 23. As a man of 53, I now know that “wisdom” is “a change in behavior resulting from someone else’s experience”. These days, I prefer the latter. I will take learning from someone else’s pain any day, over having to experience it first-hand.

Hypnosis uses your own wisdom to “auto-correct” you

When you meet with one of our Hypnotists to help you in some area of life, let’s say “to become more confidant in all situations”; we help you change in the ways you define would benefit you most, and your own wisdom, to help that “part” of you which is lacking confidence.

It is a simple process for us because we use the best techniques, and from working with many others just like you, understand exactly how to help you get the change you desire. All while you relax comfortably. There is no work involved for you, in fact we ask you not to “help” and “remembering the suggestions is not required. Your new way of living and responding to situations is automatic and positive in a way you will begin to easily recognize. You easily go about life, with a new enthusiasm and energy. It’s as if you had an “auto-correcting” process in your mind which takes self-limiting thoughts and modifies them in ways which create positive behavior on your part.

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