Become Response “Able” In 2014

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH

In my practice as a Certified Hypnotist, people call me with a variety of issues, such as excess weight or a tobacco habit,  that they would like to be free of.  One of the first things I discuss with that person is why the problem they have lived with for so long has now become a concern?

Be Who You Were Born To Be Using Hypnosis!

 Maybe it’s a health issue of a family member caused by a similar habit which has caused them to think of their own vulnerability or maybe it’s a bad report from their own Doctor.  In every case there is a particular reason which has caused the person to become awake to the nagging sensation that life could be better if they took some positive action.

Everyone experiences these “moments of sanity” where they question how they have been doing the same thing over and over and getting negative results.  The truth is though, without a satisfying replacement for a behavior, or a better response to a feeling they are not able to make change.

Hypnosis produces positive weight loss results!

Hypnosis produces positive weight loss results!

When working with people to take control of habits they wish to be free of, I have found there is always a “drive” to distract from uncomfortable thoughts or feelings which is “the root” of the problem.  After a while the “distractor”, like smoking or over-eating often loses its effectiveness.  This leads to frustration and sometimes adds energy to this cycle.

To maintain a beautiful garden it is always better to attack the roots of a weed than to hack away at the leaves.  Using hypnosis a person can change their thoughts by dealing with the root causes of that habit (or distractor), which are the feelings one has just prior to initiating that behavior.

Hypnosis may also limit the number of interactions a person has to interact with a professional to get the benefits they seek.  In a Hypnosis session with a skilled Hypnotist, you don’t just talk about your concerns, we help you take control and get the results you want.

Is there some area of your personal or professional life you are not satisfied with?  Are you having the same thoughts, without an ability to respond in a way that will benefit you? 

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