It is not our intention to add to the hype and promises of miracles and quick fixes that dominate the weight loss industry.  Losing weight and keeping it off are the most difficult things you will ever do. Your experience with different diets has proven this to be true.  Nevertheless, think about it; it wasn’t the program or the diet that failed, it was your inability to stay on it.  There are always 100 times more dropouts than successes. In addition, how do you keep the extra weight off when you return to the real world, with normal food?  Most do not.  All your work seems to be in vain.

However, this is where we are different from any-one else.  WE SELL WILLPOWER!  Ten times ten more willpower than you ever dreamed possible.  Now you can stay with your program.  Moreover, while you are losing weight we will be changing your wants and desires for food with frequent hypnosis sessions.  By the end of your program you will have made the transition to “normal” life so you can remain trim.

SO WHAT ARE WE OFFERING?  Losing weight with hypnosis offers:

  • Truth and honesty – Losing weight is difficult and we can’t do it for you. It will take both of us and a lot of effort to get it done.
  • Willpower– Hypnosis will give you strength you didn’t know you had to stick with it.
  •  Self confidence and self-esteem – We will be reprogramming you to feel good about yourself and to feel attractive long before you slim down.  These feelings encourage faster weight-loss.
  •  The opportunity to lose all the weight you want and keep it off forever.

Freedom, energy, trim attractiveness, recognition, admiring looks, love and attention are the rewards that are waiting for you.

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