Having Trouble Falling to SleepĀ is a Common Problem

Hypnosis can help your sleepless nights having insomnia As Hypnotists at Hypnosis Group of Houston, we work with people on everyday issues related to their Identities, Beliefs and Habits. One common problem is the “Habit of Sleeplessness”. How does this habit begin and how can we help you sleep well without drugs; while regaining your feeling of well being about your sleep?

Everybody has a sleepless night occasionally or a night where they don’t sleep well. We lay in bed, tossing and turning and thinking about things. Sometimes we think about how not sleeping is going to effect our future. It is this thinking about things while lying in bed where the problem begins. The mind which is always trying to help us, remembers other situations where we think about things and knows that we are at our best when we are alert and wide awake. Eventually it says, “hey I will help without being asked, by keeping you wide awake” and the “Habit of Sleeplessness” begins.

Hypnosis helps people with sleeplessness

restful sleepAt first we don’t think much about sleepless nights, because we know our body will naturally make up for the loss of sleep with more sleep. The truth is, a baby proves we are all born with a perfect ability to sleep. We sleep when we are tired and are awake when we are not. Now of course this not always convenient as a baby doesn’t always sleep on the schedule of Mom and Dad. It is from birth that this natural ability is altered by purposeful behavior, first on the part of Mom and Dad, then later by us through our own necessity.

The problem begins when the part of us that puts us asleep becomes confused (while I am lying in bed) over the question, “is this a time and opportunity to sleep or do you want me to keep you awake so you can think about things”. Let us help you end this confusion of the mind, and enable you to send a clear signal of “sleep now” to the part of you that makes it happen. You were born to sleep well.

At Hypnosis Group we understand how the different parts of the mind work together to keep you awake and also help you enjoy deep restful natural sleep. In as few as one session, you may find that you are not only sleeping better, but feel a greater mastery over yourself and your future. Become the best version of yourself possible using Hypnosis. Please call us today for a free consultation about sleeplessness at 713.469.2252.