Why Do You Call Yourself Hypnosis Group?

When I became a Hypnotist there was no place for me to work without forming a practice of my own. Since I was a full time Medical Helicopter Pilot, I really needed to practice part time with someone else to develop my skill. I began to see the need for providing a place where excellent Hypnotists could work with clients without having to start a business of their own.  In Hypnosis Group, I have formed that place to join everyday normal people experiencing everyday normal problems with great Hypnotists who can help.  The clients also get the benefit of the power of our group knowledge to make sure they get the best help possible.

Why don’t you use the word Hypnotherapy?

The State of Texas specifies that any form of “therapy” is considered the “Practice of Medicine.” For this consideration, the title of “therapist” is reserved for licensed medical practitioners. As a Hypnotist, we approach issues in a separate and distinct way from what a Medical Practitioner would. Instead of medical issues we work with everyday common problems that people face. Other than the legal aspect, the names of Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist are interchangeable from a practical standpoint.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of being, characterized by physical relaxation and mental focus; used between a Hypnotist and another person to bring about desired beneficial change. We characterize what takes place during the session as a time of “Hyper-knowing,” when there is no “opposition of the mind” to making the changes you want to make. The words the Hypnotist speaks to you are agreed upon in advance to get you the change you desire.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

During your session, you will be in a relaxed position with your eyes closed because it feels the best for our clients. You could open your eyes any time you wish, but you keep them closed because it is enjoyable. Hypnosis is not dependent on relaxation or the “State of the Eyelids” as you may have observed during a Stage Hypnosis show. You are not required to listen or “try to remember” what the Hypnotist said.

Does Hypnosis Work for Everyone?

Anyone of average intelligence and that can follow simple directions can experience and benefit from Hypnosis. The benefit is tied to a person’s desire to have the change take place. Hypnosis is not “mind control,” instead the Hypnotist helps you make the changes you want.

How Do I Prepare for a Session?

I recommend my clients relax and feel good about having made an appointment to start the process of change that will benefit them. Nothing is required of clients beforehand.

Will I Know My Surroundings in a Session?

During your session you will not be asleep but will feel different levels of relaxation that tend to go up and down like waves. Our Hypnotists ensure you are at the proper depth of Hypnosis at all times for the suggestions to be most effective. At some deeper levels, you may experience a sense of “not caring” what the Hypnotist is saying but you would still be able to spring to action in case of emergency such as a fire alarm going off.

Is Change By Hypnosis Permanent?

Our mind is always forming permanent habits. For example one day a long time ago, your mind decided that when you clasp your hands together that one thumb always ends up on top of the other. Could be the right or left, there is no right or wrong way for that habit. The subconscious adopted that behavior as a “habit and now enforces it. Making yourself do it the other way feels odd and is a “low energy” state. If you consciously tried to change it, the habit will win out over time, and you will go back to it; possibly because there is no benefit to making that change.
When our Hypnotist works with you to stop smoking, manage weight, or just be a better version of yourself, we use the latest techniques and methods to make sure you receive the benefits that will last you a life-time.

Can Hypnotic Suggestions Be Reversed?

A lot of what a Hypnotist does is to “de-hypnotize” People, and change a Person’s Identities, beliefs and habits in ways that are more beneficial.
For instance, advertisers teach us ideas outside of our conscious awareness using some of the most sophisticated methods that Hypnotists employ.
One commercial teaches us if we are feeling bad; that 2-4pm is “Happy Hour” at a popular fast food destination, and a Milk-Shake there will make things better. The consequences, of course, are minimized.
At Hypnosis Group, we help you feel good and be in control, in all situations; free of the need to distract from feelings in any negative way.

Will I Remember My Session?

Prior to your session, your Hypnotist will teach you that you are not required to listen or remember the words that are spoken to you.
During your first hypnosis session, your conscious mind might tend to listen out of curiosity may try to analyze what is going on as the session begins. As you allow deeper levels of physical and mental relaxation to occur, you will probably focus on the good feelings you are enjoying and forget to listen.

What Type of Training or Certification Do Your Hypnotists Have?

As the Founder of Hypnosis Group, I originally trained in 2000 at the Southern Institute of Hypnotism of Arkansas achieving a Board Certification of Master Hypnotist by The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. I was then certified as a Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists.
I am also a 5-Path® Hypnotist and member of The 5-PATH® International Association of Hypnosis Professionals.

My greatest achievement as a Hypnotist so far, has been becoming a National Guild Certified Instructor.   Look  for Houston area classes to become a National Guild Certified Consulting Hypnotist, to be offered in the near future.

All of the Hypnotists that practice with me have training that is comparable with my own or even greater. Along with that they have degrees and qualifications which make them more able to help you with the things you would like to improve about yourself.

Do You Offer Any Resources After My Hypnosis Program Ends?

We offer training to become a Hypnotist for those that have developed an interest after their sessions end. We offer free phone support for those that might need clarification about some element of their plan. We also offer free follow-up sessions, with our 4 session Stop Smoking, and Weight Management programs. Call for details please @ 713.469.2252.