“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

– Norman Vincent Peale

Did you know that you only use 10% of your mind?

And it’s not just you; that includes all of us as people. Scientists believe that about 10 percent of our brain creates our conscious awareness. The remaining 90 percent is thought reserved for the subconscious mind and unconscious “body-mind” functions.

Ponder that! Because we may not be consciously “connected” with a majority our mental activity, this might explain our difficulty changing thoughts and behavior. As a result, our achievements in life and often, our bodies suffer.

People have long sought ways to influence these normally inaccessible parts of our mind and create positive changes that benefit our daily experience of life. Many of these attempts to change everyday common hurts, habits and hang-ups result in failure and frustration

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help people access the subconscious mind that sets identities, beliefs, and behaviors, and can even positively influence functioning of the unconscious “body-mind”.

At Hypnosis Group, we help you create a better bridge between your conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind. Together, we (me as your Hypnotist and you) can update what you think and believe and how you behave in certain situations.

After your session, our measure of success with you is when you re-establish control the in areas of life that you believe are not working well. Think of our work together as an update to your “operating system” that allows you to experience life in a way much more to your liking.

While most experience improvement after just one session, we will not quit until you get the benefits in life you were meant to have

In Texas, Hypnotists are limited by law, from making health claims related to the use of hypnosis. That being said; the truth is that many people in Houston and The Woodlands, seek Hypnotists for help every day.

Some common everyday issues dealt with by Hypnotists in Houston and The Woodlands include;

Stress, fear, anger, relationship problems, bad habits, control issues, over/under eating, weight management, self-esteem, fertility, comfortable childbirth, pain management, negative memory release, smoking, procrastination, performance enhancement and the list goes on and on.

I tell clients if they know of an identity, belief, or habit that they would like to improve, change or gain greater insight into; hypnosis may be an excellent option for them to explore!

Our consultation is always free. Call 713.469.2252 to schedule and learn how we might help you become the best version of yourself possible!