Hypnotists help regular everyday folks like you, with everyday problems such as nail-biting.  Nail biting might seem like a small problem to most, but to some, the embarrassment, along with  pain and disfigurement caused by it to the hands, is a grave concern.

How many sessions does it take?

When working with a skilled Hypnotist, it is possible to end nail-biting in as few as one visit.  That session will include a pre-talk where we will get to know you and gather information about how this problem has affected  you.  You will also be given information about how we will help you make changes to your mind and thinking, so you regain control over this harmful habit.

What if I need more support after my 1st session?

All Hypnosis Group sessions include a complimentary free follow-up.  Free phone support is also available to keep you focused on your goal of having beautiful pain-free hands.

Hypnosis Group helps children and adults with Nail Biting

Parents may consider the use of hypnosis with everyday problem habits as long as the child is able to focus and cooperate with a hypnotist.  It is also possible for us to train the parent in techniques a hypnotist uses to help your children with this habit on your own.