I recently became re-aware of a fun little movie named “Cat’s Eye”, made in 1985 which happened to be Stephen King’s first novel to screen play.  It is a series of 3 short stories which revolve around a wandering cat, that weaves itself in and out of the various story characters’ lives.  A short trailer of the story I am about to describe, can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAqZD-jt5_g


The first story involves a gentleman played by Mr James Woods who wishes to quit smoking and becomes involved with a company named “Quitter’s Inc”.

During the initial interview the owner, (not a Hypnotist I might add) outlines in no uncertain terms that continuing to smoke not only puts his own health and happiness at risk but his family’s as well.  To emphasize, the smoker is shown a room with a screen floor which is electrified which they demonstrate.  The owner then describes that Mr Wood’s character will be under surveillance and if he smokes again his wife will be put in the room.

As the story progresses it also becomes clear to Mr Wood’s character, that to make the decisions to remain a non-smoker while not gaining weight will also benefit him and to a greater degree, his wife.

Now of course this is suspenseful fun meant to entertain as only Mr Stephen King can, and I will not give away the details in order to not be a “spoiler”, (watch the clip above).  As a person who helps others stop smoking; I do appreciate the clever way Mr King wove this tale as a metaphor for how the consequences of the smoking habit extend into the lives of the person’s family.   The effects on their combined lives can be tragic and the lack of control often makes it worse for the family.

If you were to watch this movie you would see in no uncertain terms how one smoker’s family is caused to suffer positive and negative effects as a result of the smoker’s day to day choices.  Even though this is just a movie, real-life can often be stranger than fiction.

If you would like to see real-life video of how becoming a non-smoker helped a family go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=C8SVj3K0IdU

As the Founder of Hypnosis Group of The Woodlands I can say we use greatly different techniques than “Quitter’s Inc” to help our clients become non-smokers.  Our relaxation oriented methods help you easily achieve a happy new life which does not include inhaling smoke, poison, or cancer causing agents.

When we work together, you get your choice back to be a non-smoker for life.  The benefits for you and your family are worth the effort..