Keep your Resolutions this Year

Keep your Resolutions this Year

Have you recently made a New Years Resolution?

It’s a tradition, in preparation for the new year ahead, we resolve to change a few things about ourselves. What would your life be like if you really got what you want this year?

Most of us think of the New Year as a time to review who we are, what we believe, and what habits might be holding us back in life.  Often the things we would like to change about ourselves are ideas we have had for some time, like quitting smoking or losing weight.

Change seems easy at first.  “I just make a decision and then follow through”.  The problem is there is a part of the mind called ‘The Critical Factor’ which protects those old habits, wrong ideas, and false identities, even if they don’t seem helpful.  Most peoples experience with making changes confirms this to be true.

Imagine that you are in England and facing the challenge of driving.  Simple enough, just rent a car and drive.  You would immediately be faced with the challenge of driving on what we as Americans consider the “wrong side of the road”.

Everything you know as a driver would be somewhat meaningless as you approached opposing traffic, reminding yourself to stay on the wrong side.  If would be difficult and frightening, but to get where you need to go you would have to put yourself through it.

To make the experience easier, it would be better if you had someone who understood how to help you make the initial transition.  It would be even better if they understand how your mind works in relation to new challenge and gave specific directions to your destination while avoiding problem areas.  Their experience of helping others in similar situations would also encourage you.

Hypnosis helps to bring out the real you!

Never has a person been “born to smoke” or “born to be fat”.  These are things we learn.  Think about it, a baby would cry in the presence of smoke in its lungs, and to over-feed it outside of its hunger signal would cause similar distress.

If we worked together on any of these everyday common issues you would see how we “learn” to use tobacco, the over consumption of food or just about any other distractive behavior in response to situations where we don’t feel comfortable.  We learn these behaviors from friends, family and even advertisements on Television.

When you call us for a free consultation, we will discuss with you how Hypnosis can be used to help you create change you desire; often in as few as one session.  We will answer questions about how the Hypnosis session will be conducted, and present an understandable way for you reach the happy destination you desire in life.

Please call 713.469.2252 today to speak to a Hypnotist about how we might be able to help you become a non-smoker, lose weight without dieting, or be free from any everyday issue which has been holding you back.