At the Hypnosis Group, we focus our practice on your needs.  

All of our efforts center on creating a client experience that facilitates lasting positive change. We know you don’t want to travel very far to get quality hypnosis services.  That is why we are always looking to expand our practice by feat_learn_moreopening offices in areas near your home. We commit to treat you well, and complete customer satisfaction is our #1 wish.  Our commitment is to build a brand for hypnosis services that you can trust. All of our Hypnotists have met the professional standards of an organization such the National Guild of Hypnotists, and we follow professional standards of conduct.

A word about hypnotism

A Hypnotist is a separate and distinct professional as defined by the Department of Labor. As such our role is not the same as a counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist. We take referrals and work with physicians, but do not diagnose or treat any medical condition on our own. When you see a hypnotist, there will be no public records and no insurance reporting.  At no point are you required to divulge any information you are not comfortable sharing; confidentiality is key to the trust we have with our clients.

Are you thinking of becoming a hypnotist?feat_what_we_do

Another aspect of our business we enjoy is providing a place where other world-class hypnotists can practice with clients. We are always on the look-out for Hypnotists’ to join our group. Please contact us if you become interested in training to become a Hypnotist or if you are already certified, to practice with us.  Our number is 713.469.2252.