Posted on May 12, 2014 by D. Mitchell Lovette, CH, CI

Hypnosis Group is not just a place for people who are seeking help from life’s everyday problems. Hypnosis Group is also a place of employment for world-class Hypnotists.

Hypnosis Group was Established to Help People 

When I founded Hypnosis Group, it was not only my dream to create an opportunity for the world to experience freedom from life’s everyday problems using hypnosis.  It was also meant to create a place for world-class Hypnotists to work.  The sad truth is, up to this point, there are many places to train to become a Hypnotist, but no real place to be gainfully employed as a Hypnotist after that training is complete.

Hypnosis Group Solves Both Problems At Once

In the same way, a person wishing to use Hypnosis to be a better version of themselves was faced with many questions. Who to trust?  Is the person or place I wish to use, trained to the highest standards?   Do they have strange beliefs that I don’t agree with?  Do they practice in a professional location and adhere to professional standardsBy creating a place of employment for great Hypnotists, Hypnosis Group creates the opportunity for people to comfortably come and experience freedom from everyday problems, in a discrete environment.  When you trust Hypnosis Group to help you, you have the confidence of knowing you have not only your Hypnotist working on your behalf, but the power of the Group behind you as well.  Our Hypnotists and our Group as a whole are consultants to you, to help you get what you want.  You always remain in control and in the end, you are the one who decides what is best for you.

As A Client, You Are A Member

As a client, when you work with us on any problem, you become a member of our group for life.  No fees, subscriptions, etc.  You simply are our valued customer.  As such, you are eligible to attend any group seminar or session related to what we helped you with, free of charge.

As an associate Hypnotist with Hypnosis Group, you will experience the joy of sharing your success with others.  You will be free of the burdens of operating a small practice on your own.  You will receive the benefits of professional training, possible attendance at seminars and conferences;  and best of all, time off to enjoy life, the way you want to.


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