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Jul 29

Reset Your Hunger Using Hypnosis

Reset Your Hunger By D Mitchell Lovette, CH, CI As a practicing Hypnotist, it is common to encounter people who are having problems with over-eating, along with a plethora of bad habits. These conditions are all symptomatic of a lifestyle, which revolves around distracting from the awareness of “feelings.” When someone is using food as […]

Dec 11

Weight loss benefits from using hypnosis: a Clinical Study

When most people lose try to lose weight they are using their conscious mind to create the change.  They say, “I’ve had enough!” and begin a way of living which Hypnosis has proven to help the loss of weight to stay it feels completely unnatural. This could be compared to the way you drive when […]

Nov 13

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Houston

It is not our intention to add to the hype and promises of miracles and quick fixes that dominate the weight loss industry.  Losing weight and keeping it off are the most difficult things you will ever do. Your experience with different diets has proven this to be true.  Nevertheless, think about it; it wasn’t […]