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Train to Be a Professional Hypnotist

Hypnosis Group was originally formed to provide a world-class group for existing Hypnotists to be able to practice. If you are a practicing Hypnotist and would like to practice as an associate with other skilled Hypnotists please give us a call at 713.469.2252.

If you are a person who has been considering a career change and would like to learn how to become a full-time Hypnotist we would be interested in speaking with you.

Mitchell Lovette, the founder of Hypnosis Group is a Certified Instructor of the National Guild of Hypnotists. We intend to begin training Hypnotists in the future but only after we receive a Texas State license for Professional Career Training. This is to your benefit because the State of Texas provides many consumer protections for those attending valid Hypnotist Career Schools and you will have the assurance that our school’s curriculum has been approved in advance. Our instruction will be affordable and include the coveted National Guild Consulting Hypnotist Certification at the end.

A word of advice to aspiring Hypnotists. Don’t let anyone sell you classroom instruction in Houston to become a Hypnotist, without that Career School license because it is an illegal school. If you have attended Hypnotist Training from a school not licensed by the State of Texas, you may be eligible for a full refund of the fees you paid.

For persons wishing to train now through out-of-state online distance learning, there is a class forming soon. Please contact us soon to learn more about this excellent course based in California. Or just click the link to the right to sign up now.