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General Information About Our Services

Your Satisfaction is important to us.

At Hypnosis Group, we seek out and use the methods, which in our experience and opinion will help our clients in the most efficient and simple way. Of course, we deal with individuals and results sometimes vary in speed and effectiveness, but as long as the client does not give up we don’t give up. We make no guarantees about the effectiveness of hypnosis in advance of working with a client because no one knows the future. I can say that no Hypnotist would continue working as a Hypnotist if they had not first seen and experienced with their own eyes the changes which a person can make when using hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a co-operative activity between people to effect a positive change in thoughts, identities, and habits. Because we believe change using hypnosis requires co-operation, we conduct a phone consultation prior to any session being scheduled to determine a person’s ability to work with us in creating the change they seek. Occasionally during the process of getting to know people we detect individuals who are not able to work with us as needed so we may choose to discontinue or not schedule future sessions.