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General Information About Our Services

Your Satisfaction is important to us. At Hypnosis Group, we seek out and use the methods, which in our experience and opinion will help our clients in the most efficient and simple way. Of course, we deal with individuals and results sometimes vary in speed and effectiveness, but as long as the client does not […]

Lose and Manage Weight

We have a simple plan to help people lose weight without prescribed diets. When we work together to help you manage your weight, you decide when and what you eat. A free phone consultation is the beginning of the process where you could end up enjoying a slim trim body of your dreams.

Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis

Hypnosis Group has a proven track record helping people to quit smoking. Our methods allow you to comfortably become a non-smoker and stay that way. Because we take the time you need, most people are successful in the first session. A free follow-up is included if you should need the extra support.

End Nail Biting

Hypnosis Group helps people like you, quickly end this habit.  Please call us 713.469.2252 to receive more information about how we can work together to stop the embarrassment, shame and pain of disfigured hands.  You deserve hands you can be proud of, and that represent you how you wish to seen by others.

Train to Be a Professional Hypnotist

Hypnosis Group was originally formed to provide a world-class group for existing Hypnotists to be able to practice. If you are a practicing Hypnotist and would like to practice as an associate with other skilled Hypnotists please give us a call at 713.469.2252. If you are a person who has been considering a career change […]

Overcome Fears in Houston

Are you struggling with a fear or phobia in Houston Texas? Hypnosis can help you to overcome your fears and take back control of your life.