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Aug 15

No Dieting Allowed!

Hypnosis Group is all about helping you shed those extra pounds and regain the quality of life you desire.   A new positive mental outlook and disposition to deal with life issues are all possible when using hypnosis to remove the drive to over-feed the body.  At the Hypnosis Group, we help you reset your mind’s […]

Jul 29

Reset Your Hunger Using Hypnosis

Reset Your Hunger By D Mitchell Lovette, CH, CI As a practicing Hypnotist, it is common to encounter people who are having problems with over-eating, along with a plethora of bad habits. These conditions are all symptomatic of a lifestyle, which revolves around distracting from the awareness of “feelings.” When someone is using food as […]

Jul 15

Changed Thoughts = Changed Identity And Behavior

When working with people to help them lose weight as a Hypnotist, I first learn about how a person Identifies themselves.  Now it’s true we all can easily say I am a boy or a girl.  After that things get a bit murky. From our experiences after birth we begin to learn things.  Based on […]

Dec 11

Weight loss benefits from using hypnosis: a Clinical Study

When most people lose try to lose weight they are using their conscious mind to create the change.  They say, “I’ve had enough!” and begin a way of living which Hypnosis has proven to help the loss of weight to stay it feels completely unnatural. This could be compared to the way you drive when […]