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Nov 10

Does Hypnosis Work?

Many consider hypnosis to be rather mystifying and wonder if it really works. Although by law, Hypnotists generally are forbidden from making claims about the effectiveness of hypnosis, there is much evidence that it does, and for a wide variety of issues. This blog post is dedicated to listing out the plethora of conditions that […]

Sep 29

Trust Our Expert Hypnotists To Serve You

D. Mitchell Lovette, CH The First Step In Making Change Is To Relax and Trust When many people call us for the first time, they sometimes voice concern that they may need more support after they have completed their program to become a non-smoker or to lose weight.  Without an agreed upon commitment from us, of […]

Sep 1

Interview Of Hypnosis Group Founder D. Mitchell Lovette, CH, CI

D. Mitchell Lovette CH, CI   Founder, Hypnosis Group   Tell me a bit about yourself Mitch? “I moved to the Woodlands area with my wife Kelley in 2006 and we live with our 3 small dogs Max, Izzy, and Sophie who we love like our children.  I originally trained to be a hypnotist in […]

Aug 31

Hypnosis Group Hypnotists Stand With You

Please Allow A Hypnosis Group Hypnotist To Be Your Hypnotist Consultant This articleis meant for all of our clients past, present and future.  I wish everyone well and applaud your efforts, and sometimes, just a simple desire,to be a better version of who you are today.  Your simple wish to change is a good start and […]