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Jun 16

Become A Non-Smoker Today!

To speak with a Hypnotist, and find out how easy it is to be freed from tobacco and the problems that come with it, call 713.469.2252713.469.2252.  You are closer than you think!

Mar 5

Solve Your Fear Of Flying For Good!

Flying is Voluntary When I am approached by clients with a fear of flying, initially I might comment, ” that’s simple, don’t fly…  Problem solved.  Oh and, don’t worry, except in the case of Con-Air, no one is ever forced on an airplane.” Of course, they quickly respond that there are strong reasons which compel […]

Mar 5

Simplify Weight Loss In 2015

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH, CI   Life is Meant to Be Enjoyed When I was young Officer in the U. S. Army at Ft. Bragg, NC, my friends introduced me to golf.  At first it was easy; I simply enjoyed the game and didn’t place any expectations upon myself because I had never golfed […]

Jan 23

Can Hypnosis Help Nail Biters?

Hypnotists help regular everyday folks like you, with everyday problems such as nail-biting.  Nail biting might seem like a small problem to most, but to some, the embarrassment, along with  pain and disfigurement caused by it to the hands, is a grave concern. How many sessions does it take? When working with a skilled Hypnotist, […]