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Jan 23

More Questions About Hypnosis Answered

Are Hypnotists Healers? The other day my wife received an email offer for a $39 hypnosis session by a Hypnotist representing themselves as a “Healer”.   There has been much confusion in the minds of people over such claims about hypnosis.  I would like to help you understand more clearly what hypnosis is and what it […]

Dec 23

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your World!

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale Did you know that you only use 10% of your mind? And it’s not just you; that includes all of us as people. Scientists believe that about 10 percent of our brain creates our conscious awareness. The remaining 90 percent is thought reserved […]

Dec 19

Use Hypnosis To Lose Weight In Houston

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH, CI Changed Thoughts = Changed Identity And Behavior When working with people to help them lose weight as a Hypnotist, I first learn about how a person Identifies themself.  Now it’s true we all can easily say I am a boy or a girl.  After that things get a bit […]

Nov 11

Hypnosis: Is It Safe?

This is a video version of a graphic art brochure created by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. It answers common questions and concerns regarding hypnotism and the process of being hypnotized. Very quick and fun way to learn the truth about hypnosis. Enjoy!