Flying is Voluntary

When I am approached by clients with a fear of flying, initially I might comment, ” that’s simple, don’t fly…  Problem solved.  Oh and, don’t worry, except in the case of Con-Air, no one is ever forced on an airplane.”

Of course, they quickly respond that there are strong reasons which compel them to fly despite the discomfort.  Those reasons might include work, the desire to go on vacation or visit family in destinations not easily reached without air travel, etc.

Defeating F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real)

Without knowing it, by self-assessing the benefit that comes from flying to be more important than the fear, the person has already begun the process of re-gaining control.   Our little exchange has caused them to become aware of  feelings that are keeping them from enjoying life, which includes flying comfortably.  They realize they want to fly because flying would provide them important benefits.

By simply seeking help for the issue which makes them feel out of control, they have made a baby-step in the direction of being able to fly comfortably.  In essence, they have said, “OK, I’ve been living with this habit of F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real) but I’m not taking it anymore, I want those benefits!”

How a Hypnotist Can Help

By consulting a Hypnotist for habitual worries and concerns or dreads, such the fearful flying experience, you are selecting a professional who has spent much time studying how to help a person let go of such self-limiting identities, beliefs, and habits. Evaluating risk in a truthful and beneficial way becomes natural.

Hypnotists Help People to Trust

Another element Hypnotists help people with is being able to trust others.  In the habit of fear involving flying, there is a tendency to minimize the training and skill of the operators of the aircraft.  Many people often find it easy to trust a driver of a stretch-limo zine although the driver is trained to a lower standard and the risk level of being in a car is much higher.


How Your Mind Learns and Holds on to Patterns – A Demonstration

To show in a practical way, how our subconscious mind locks onto patterns and habits, let me ask you to clasp your hands together.  Notice the position of your thumbs.  You may put your left thumb over the right or vice-versa.  This would be an example of a habit which does not really matter as there is no right or wrong way.  You probably learned that way of doing it as a baby and relate to the happy feeling of that experience.  Switch your hands around and do it the other way and it “just feels wrong. ”   No amount of conscious effort on your part will change that “wrong feeling. ”

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Your Hypnotist knows how to help you make the change in your perceptions and behavior when a common activity such as Air Travel, “just feels wrong!”  Imagine a life where you are in control and you feel “comfortable”, in all situations.   Call today for a free consultation about how our Hypnotists can help you.  What do you have to gain?