Hypnosis helps remove the fear that plagues youAlthough Hypnotists are forbidden by law of making health claims, (despite tremendous evidence to the contrary); hypnosis has a growing reputation as being an effective means of helping individuals with everyday fears or even phobias. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a larger percentage of Americans have a fear of public speaking (74%), than a fear of dying (68%). Another 30% have an exceptional fear of spiders.

Childhood Fears Increase with Adulthood and Hypnosis Can Help Alleviate Them

People often develop these fears during childhood which become aggravated during their adult life (although they can be developed in adulthood). Many people live with these concerns for years, not aware that hypnosis could help them. For some people, the stress brought on by being afraid seems impossible to face and they become apprehensive about situations that may arouse them. Out of necessity, many people have to live everyday with some fear or phobia, but with considerable angst.

Hypnosis can help stop the fear of flying

Are you afraid to fly? Hypnosis can help you fly again.

Our fear are manifestations of an internal defense system which is part of our subconscious mind. Sometimes based on our experiences, our mind can become conditioned to associate some activities or situations with real or imagined danger. To the person experiencing the fear, it is real; and due to a protective part of the mind called the “Critical Factor”, it is difficult for them to believe otherwise . Everyday, Hypnotists help such people with these common fears, apprehensions and concerns. When an everyday fear is left unchallenged, it may elevate to the level of a “phobia”.Phobia is a medical term used to describe an extreme fear (possibly not based on experience), caused by a particular stimulus. These fear typically seems exaggerated to an outside observer and the person often feels helpless and without control. Hypnotists don’t diagnose, or treat any medical condition such as a “phobia”, but we often work with medical professionals to help in the treatment of those patients.

Hypnosis Helps to Release the Fear and Bring You Peace of Mind

Hypnosis is a state of being characterized by physical relaxation and mental focus. In this state the protective part the mind is more receptive to change. The Hypnotist uses guided imagery to help the individual visualize a future free of exaggerated concerns over any area of life . While enjoying the pleasant state of hypnosis, the Hypnotist helps a person to create new thoughts and associations with the things they had previously feared; in which they are comfortable and in control.

Find stress relief with hypnosis