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Dec 19

Use Hypnosis To Lose Weight In Houston

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH, CI Changed Thoughts = Changed Identity And Behavior When working with people to help them lose weight as a Hypnotist, I first learn about how a person Identifies themself.  Now it’s true we all can easily say I am a boy or a girl.  After that things get a bit […]

Sep 29

Stop Over-Feeding The Body By Using Hypnosis

Over-eating can be a huge problem. As a practicing Hypnotist, it is common to encounter people who are having problems with over-eating, along with a plethora of bad habits. These conditions are all symptomatic of a lifestyle, which revolves around ignoring “feelings”. When someone is using food as a distracter from uncomfortable feelings, weight management […]

Aug 31

Lose Weight Using Hypnosis Group Hypnotists And Feel Great!

  Lose Weight Using Hypnosis Do you find yourself passing by clothing stores that sell clothes you know won’t fit or flatter you because of excess weight?  How does that feel?  Many Hypnosis Group  clients report a similar experience, and that is often the basis of how we help them re-gain control of managing their […]

Aug 15

Losing Weight Using Hypnosis

It is not our intention to add to the hype and promises of miracles and quick fixes that dominate the weight loss industry.  Losing weight and keeping it off are thought to be the most difficult things you will ever do. Maybe your experience with conventional diets has proven this to be true.  Nevertheless, think […]