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Dec 19

Use Hypnosis To Lose Weight In Houston

By D. Mitchell Lovette, CH, CI Changed Thoughts = Changed Identity And Behavior When working with people to help them lose weight as a Hypnotist, I first learn about how a person Identifies themself.  Now it’s true we all can easily say I am a boy or a girl.  After that things get a bit […]

Aug 7

10 Reasons You May Want to Become A Consulting Hypnotist

By D. Mitchell Lovette CH, CI As the owner of Hypnosis Group based in Houston Texas, it is my business to know whats going on in the exciting world of  professional Hypnotists. Here are 10 reasons you might consider a rewarding career as a Hypnotist. 1.  Due to poor presentation of Hypnosis to the world, people […]

Jul 19

Relax Yourself Using Hypnosis And Receive Benefits

When we work together to help you regain control of situations you have identified as causing you trouble, the first step is creating a sense of relaxation in your body.  There actually is a part of the mind that gives us awareness of our inner body sensations, such as the relaxed feeling you get after […]

Jan 5

Achieve Your New Year Resolutions Using Hypnosis Group

Have you recently made a New Years Resolution? It’s a tradition, in preparation for the new year ahead, we resolve to change a few things about ourselves. What would your life be like if you really got what you want this year? Most of us think of the New Year as a time to review […]